ECCM20 - Lausanne - Switzerland

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List of topics

Materials and structures

  • Bio-composites
  • Polymers and polymer composites
  • Nanocomposites
  • Ductile and pseudo-ductile
  • Sandwich composites
  • Hybrid and metacomposites
  • Self healing composites
  • Composite/hybrid joints


  • Additive manufacturing
  • Flow processing of composites Consolidation processes
  • Machining advanced manufacturing/automation
  • Forming
  • Repair


  • Properties
  • Damage tolerance
  • Fatigue
  • Creep
  • Durability
  • NDT


  • Phenomenological
  • Multi-physics
  • Computational methods
  • Continuum damage
  • Fracture mechanics
  • Optimization
  • AI in composite modeling
  • Machine learning techniques

Life cycle performance

  • Sustainability
  • Recycling
  • Environmental impact
  • Sensing


  • Wind energy
  • Civil Engineering
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Other application domains

Special Sessions



Special Session Organized by:
Composites in wind energy applications Alexandros Antoniou
Artificial Intelligence in Composite Materials Dimitrios Zarouchas
Sandwich debonding/disbonding Christian Berggreen
Current practices at HEI on addressing sustainability in composites courses/subjects Jose Sena-Cruz
Textile composites Valter Carveli, Stepan Lomov, Philippe Boisse
Durability and life Mariaenrica Frigione, Sotirios Grammatikos
Adhesive joining technologies Pierre Jousset
Cellulose biocomposites Lars Berglund, Yves Leterrier
Compression moulding of SMC Malin Åkermo,  Staffan Lundstrom
Standardization: Characterization of semi-finished products for composite production David May, Andreas Endruweit
Quality management in processing Peter Mitchang, Martin Gurka
Automated tape laying and automated fiber placement Jens Schlimbach
NDT in aerospace composites Konstantinos Dassios
Nano-enchanced/smart cement Konstantinos Dassios
Fatigue of composites Anastasios P. Vassilopoulos, Gerald Pinter
Fibre hybrid composites Yentl Swolfs, Gergely Czél
Bio inspired composites Kunal Masania
Additive manufacturing Kunal Masania, Lincy Pyl
Accelerated curing Till Vallee
Composites for space Ugo Lafont
Short fiber reinforced thermoplastics Andrea Bernasconi, Kim Kose
Delamination fracture John Botsis
Bio-based composites for high performance applications Joao Ramoa Correia, Mario Garrido
Composites for energy storage Alessandro Pegoretti, Giulia Fredi, Andrea Dorigato, Leif Asp, Markus Wolfahrt
CERTBOND – COST CA18120 activities Sofia Teixeira de Freitas
EsSENce – COST CA19118 activities Frank Clemens, Robert Boehm, Véronique Michaud
Natural fibre polymer composites for structural applications with advanced thermoset/thermoplastic matrices Sotirios Grammatikos
Environmental and service-induced degradation of polymers and composites Sotirios Grammatikos
European Technical Specification “Design of fibre-polymer composite structures” Thomas Keller
Computed tomography Mahoor Mehdikhani
Frontal polymerisation-an emerging technique for the rapid curing of composites Markus Wolfahrt
Composites in Microelectronics (printed circuit bords) Peter Fuchs
Sensoring of composites Herfried Lammer
Conductive polymer composites Panayota Tsotra

The Conference Booklet

KEY Dates

Congress Date

Congress Dates

26-30 June 2022

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Call for Abstracts

15 June 2021

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Early Bird Registration

20 April 2022

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Full Paper Submission

20 April 2022

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30 December 2021

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Conference Reception ceremony

26 June 2022

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16-18 February 2022

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